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Education in self-isolation

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The AV industry has reacted swiftly to the new situation, with companies coming forward on a daily basis to provide opportunities for remote learning. Check out the remote learning opportunities available for AV professionals.

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ADAM Audio announces ADAM Academy YouTube series


The company has launched ADAM Academy, a YouTube series that provides anyone from entry-level audio students to skilled working professionals with tricks of the pro audio trade. Recent video topics include: How to Calibrate a Subwoofer; Studio Monitor Placement; Proper Monitor Maintenance & Cleaning, and many more.

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Adam Hall panel unites industry

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On 31 March, the day the industry should have gathered for the opening of Prolight + Sound in Frankfurt, Adam Hall hosted an informative and thought-provoking discussion panel which was live streamed and is now available on demand. Discussing the future of live events, the panel broadly agreed that while initially there may be a fear of large gatherings and crowds, there will be a desire for real, live events and gatherings once the crisis is over. 

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