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Projects, case studies, and product application scenarios

Visitors to can source an array of innovative products from exhibitors at Prolight + Sound Middle East. Take a look at some of the projects and application scenarios the show's current and past exhibitors provide solutions for, from permanent venue installations like mosques, museums, clubs, bars and cruise ships, to temporary large-scale events. 

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Shiekh Zayed Grand Mosque Prolight + Sound Middle East

Project by Venuetech

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi required a sound reinforcement system for the indoor venue and the outdoor areas, something Venutech is more than equipped to handle. Key insights in this case study include delivery of A Full PA system from column speakers to microphones by Active Audio & Sennheiser respectively and In-house acoustic design and EASE study for optimal Db and sound distribution. This project won the 'Innovate House of Worship Award' for best audio installation in the world at the 2018 INAVATION AWARDS

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University Lecture Hall

Lecture hall Monacor International Prolight + Sound Middle East

Application scenario by Monacor International

  • PA application to cover the entire lecture hall as well as providing high speech intelligibility
  • Excellent sound quality, even at higher volume levels
  • Flexible and multifunctional use of the entire PA system
  • Wireless media playback via laptop or other portable audio players
  • Connection of a headband microphone for the speaker

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MSC Meraviglia Cruise Ship

Arkaos Pro Cruise Ship Prolight + Sound Middle East
Image courtesy of Arkaos Pro & MSC Meraviglia.

Project by ArKaosPro

Luigi Sardi, Technical Director aboard the MSC Meraviglia Cruise Ship says, "The ArKaos software suite is great and has really answered all of our needs, from the initial setup to the daily operation. Specifically, the Video Mapper is handy, powerful, incredibly versatile and offers us unlimited possibilities for creativity. What has helped me the most is that it can be millimeter accurate when working with projectors."

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Bar/Lounge Audio

Lecture hall Monacor International Prolight + Sound Middle East

Application scenario by Monacor International

  • Flexible mutli-zone control for individual music reproductions in the three zones
  • Unobtrusive background music for the lounge area which should not disrupt ongoing conversations and also allows you to order drinks at the bar without any problems
  • Bass-heavy music of higher volume levels on the dancefloor
  • Unobtrusive background music for the bar and sanitary facilities
  • Music reproduction from CD, MP3 file or USB storage medium
  • Connection facility for various external audio sources such as tablet PC, smartphone and laptop

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Restaurant Audio Fitout - FBT

FBT Audio Prolight + Sound Middle East
FBT Audio fitout at Bab Al-Bahr Restaurant: ProAVL MEA

Bab Al-Bahr Restaurant, a luxurious Lebanese restaurant inside Tehran’s Bam Land mall, is now home to an FBT sound system for audio reinforcement both inside and out. A total of 14 Shadow 105Ts were integrated in two interior and exterior halls, drawing power from Powersoft Quattrocanali 1204 amplifiers. Additionally, for the restaurant’s entrance, PL60 cabinets from RCF were deployed. The entire system is controlled via an RCF M18 digital mixer.

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Projection and 3D Mapping

Prolight + Sound Middle East - Projects & applications scenarios by PROIETTA

Projects & applications scenarios by PROIETTA

Architects, stage designers, lighting designers and event organizers are using PROIETTA's projectors for temporary or permanent installations across a range of applications due to their diverse product portfolio. 

High-power projectors such as PROIETTA Monster 700/1500W and 2500W metal halide allow staging solutions with light effects, dynamic projections and other special effects which can integrate video projectors for interactive projections and 3D video mapping. 

See PROEIETTA’s projects and applications scenarios below:

Architectural projections

Projections for events, advertising & retail

Other unique applications

Awards / Gala Dinner Event

Robe Prolight + Sound Middle East

Lighting Solutions by Robe

Some of Robes latest products including the Tarantula we used for this Gala Dinner Function for one of the industry's leading airlines at the IATA Ground Handling Conference (IGHG) and an international meeting for all IATA representatives staged at the Sheraton Grand Hotel & Resort. 

Explore Robe's range of lighting solutions for Concerts, Events, Theatre, Nightclubs, Venues and much more.

Concert Audio Solutions

FBT Prolight + Sound Middle East

Project by FBT

An open-air festival run in early August in Slovakia consisting of seminars and a variety music events on multiple stages at the same time. This FBT kit out included:

  • 28 x FBT MUSE 210LA active line array (PA + DELAY)
  • 10 x FBT MITUS 218SA (in cardioid mode)
  • 4 x FBT MITUS 152A (delay)

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Concert (Mobile) Stageing

Stageline Prolight + Sound Middle East
Two SAM750's side-by-side at Osheaga Festival 2016. Photo: Peter Ryaux-Larsen

Projects by Stageline

A giant mobile stage. Five trailers assembled in unbeatable time. Recently acclaimed and awarded high distinction by the event industry, the SAM750 redefines technical and safety standards. It’s a game changer. Featured projects photoed here using the Stageline SAM750 Mobile Stage include:

  • Outkast at Osheaga Festival
  • 5 packed trucks heading to the Aerosmith at Capefest
  • Retractable Backdrop & Banners

Stageline SAM750 projects and product details

Stageline Prolight + Sound Middle East
Stageline Prolight + Sound Middle East
Stageline Prolight + Sound Middle East

Opera House Lighting

CLay Paky Lighting Prolight + Sound Middle East
Photo: Dubai Opera -

Lighting solutions from Clay Paky

A year after opening its doors to the public, Dubai Opera upgraded its lighting rig with the purchase of 37 Claypaky A.leda B-Eye K10s. The fixtures are widely available to hire in the Middle East market, as will be the case with the NEW AXCOR PROFILE 600 and AXCOR PROFILE 400 Clay Paky will be launching at Prolight + Sound Middle East. 

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Dubai Opera

LED Screens for Stadiums and Events

Gloshine Prolight + Sound Middle East
LM3.91&LS3.91 permanent installtion in Hong Kong

Solutions by Gloshine

From indoor fixed displays and outdoor waterproof ULTRA HD screens for tour and event solutions to permanent installations, Some of the projects and events Gloshine LED Screens have been used for include:

  • 2018 FIFA World Cup Fan Village in Russia - 371sqm
  • HUAWEI honor 10 Launch Event in Shanghai - 780sqm Screen
  • Beijing Auto Show 2018 - 90sqm Screen
  • 2018 Winter Olympics in Pingchang, South Korea - Cube Screen

Some LED Screen event and permanent installations

Gloshine Prolight + Sound Middle East
Gloshine Prolight + Sound Middle East
Gloshine Prolight + Sound Middle East

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