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Explore some of the products from showcased at the 2019 show

Professional Lighting

CAN and PowerCAN LED Spotlights

FRIZ lights LED spotlights
FRIZ wireless LED spotlights: PowerCAN and CAN

The universal spotlight – Puts your highlights into the limelight.

The specifically hardened aluminum case makes the CAN extremely tough, shock­proof and vibration-resistant. It even with­stands a plunge into the pool or a cham­pagne shower. They call that #partyproof. If required, the CAN even follows the beat of the music. Due to its magnetic base, the light can be attached to any metallic surface.

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Chauvet Pro Maverick MK3 Profile

Provision AVL - Chauvet Pro Maverick MK3 Profile

Features a searing output of over 51,000 source lumens and an advanced, 4-blade shutter frame system with the ability to fully blackout and a 120° rotation. Its precision LED optics feature CMY + CTO color mixing and a fast 9:1 zoom ratio that maintains a flat field of focus even when fully wide. It also has an adjustable CRI from 73 to 93 CRI for use as a key light for broadcasted events. It offers great static, rotating, and animation effects from its 2 gobo wheels (1 rotating, 1 static), animation wheel, 2 independent and overlapping prisms and 2 frost options: superlight and medium.

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CUBE Tabletop Lights

FRIZ Table Lights
FRIZ wireless LED table lights: CUBE with translucent and smoky glass design

No frills. Straightforward design. The CUBE gets along without any disturbing switches and buttons. This makes it a time­less eyecatcher on tables and bars without being obtrusive. Because the focus should be on the ambience you want to create. If you wish, all night long thanks to its endu­ring rechargeable batteries. This minimalist beauty is available in smoky or translucent glass design.

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ROBE Esprite light

ROBE's ESPRITE pioneers a new era in LED engines! This very bright and precise moving light is the first to use Robe’s ground-breaking new generation 650W WTE™ (White Transferrable Engine) light source. ESPRITE™ is the first in a new series of ROBE luminaires to feature a fully replaceable / transferable white source LED engines. The LED module holds a host of useful data in addition to the date, serial number and usage, which can be accessed via a free mobile App. Thanks to this powerful LED light source and a highly efficient optical system, the fixture is outputting 27,000 Lumens.

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ROBE SilverScan

The SilverScan highlights 25 years of ROBE lighting fixtures. The 350W white LED light engine provides over 9,000 lumens, giving an extra bright beam with an even flat field and an incredible 20,000 hours of operation! Smooth colour transitions and vivid, radiant colours can be created using the CMY colour mixing system and colour wheel, with 7 rotating or 9 static gobos added for outstanding projections and mid-air effects. The seamless zoom can go out to 27° at its widest, while the minimum 9° zoom produces a retina-piercing beam that can be trimmed with an ultra-fast stepless iris for even more potency.

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TABLE Illuminated tables

FRIZ TABLE illuminated tables
FRIZ wireless dual-illuminated TABLE is available as a high table or lowered lounge table

The smart bar table – Strikingly different.

Light or table? Both! The TABLE is refres­hingly different. Not only its surface can be seamlessly illuminated. Also, the floor area can be lit up separately. Its robust metal construction and safety glass ensure a firm stand and quick and easy set-up. The TABLE is guaranteed to be the star at your next event.

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Professional Audio

AC-Series Line Array Speakers

Pope Professional AC Series speakers

AC-10 is a two-way Line Array utilizes POPE Professional® transducer and the new technology Directivity Correction Horn (DCH) ensures the constant directivity in the high frequency range.

AC-12 is a three-way powered Line Array system. The Line Source Former Horn produces wave front similar to ribbon driver. Advanced transducers are providing high power-to-weight ratio.

AC-28 is a compact two-way Line Array consist of dual 8" POPE Professional® transducer with 2.5" voice coil, Neodymium magnet and dual 1" throat compression driver, Titanium diaphragm, Neodymium magnet, coupled with a constant directivity horn.

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AKG DMS100 - Audio & PA System

Masterpiece - AKG DMS100 - Audio & PA System

For performing musicians, corporate and government presenters, houses of worship, fitness instructors and educators. AKG DMS100 professional digital wireless systems for performers and presenters combine signature AKG sound quality and four channels of rock-solid, license-free 2.4GHz operation with advanced security features, extended battery life and the ultimate ease-of-use. The DMS100 is available in two options: with a high-quality, AKG handheld microphone or with a bodypack. The bodypack is instrument ready and can also be combined with a wide range of AKG headsets or clip-on mics (available separately) for singers or presenters.

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Clair Brothers 10Spot Speaker

Provision AVL - Clair Brothers 10Spot Speaker

• Coaxial, Horn Loaded
• Two-Way Passive
• LF Device: 10in (254mm)
• HF Device: Exit 1in (25.4mm); Voice Coil Diameter: 2.5in (63.5mm)
• Asymmetric Horizontal Dispersion: 90° H at Top, 135° H at Bottom
• 45° Vertical
• Integral Rigging Points
• Durable Polyurea Coating
• (2) EP-4 Connectors (1 Male, 1 Female) & (1) 4-Pos. Terminal Strip

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JBL EON ONE Pro - Masterpiece

Get that world-renowned JBL Professional sound, anytime, anywhere with the new JBL EON ONE PRO, the first, portable, battery-powered, linear-array PA system in its class. With a lighter, more compact design and up to six hours of play time, you can now take your performances to places you’ve only dreamed of.

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JBL VTX A-Series

JBL VTX A-Series - Masterpiece

The VTX A-Series is JBL’s next-generation tour sound solution for mid- to large-size touring applications and high-end fixed installations. The VTX A-Series was designed from scratch to address, not only audio aspects, but the full scope of challenges of modern tour sound professionals, rental companies, FOH engineers and live production crews. Want unparalleled performance, sensitivity and coverage? JBL’s latest transducer technology and a high-frequency waveguide design deliver.

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L-Series Speakers

POPE Professional L-Series Speakers

The L-Series has M10 rigging points & pole mount options, and can be used for many demanding applications.

L-12 - 1*12” full range speaker and has been designed with an OEM B&C 12” inch full range driver. This driver is linear with high sensitivity. 

L-2 - 8*2” full range speaker and has been designed with an 2” inch full range driver. This driver is POPE Professional linear with high sensitivity. 

L-3.5 - 8*3.5” full range speaker and has been designed with an OEM B&C 3.5” inch full range driver. This driver is linear with high sensitivity. 

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TH-Series Loudspeakers

POPE Pro TH-Series

TH-812 and TH-815 powered loudspeakers are designed for distributed sound reinforcement and small outdoor venues. The system is based on low frequency drivers with high frequency compression driver coupled to horn. The enclosure is trapezoidal shape to reduce cabinet reflection causing colorations. The enclosure made of 15 mm and 18 mm birch faced plywood glued together in conjunction with dado joints to assure the highest quality of robustness.

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XQ42 Subwoofer

Aura Audio - XQ42 Subwoofer

XQ-subwoofers are designed to produce biggest sound pressure level in most compact enclosure size! The series features also easily modified custom versions for more tailored solutions for night clubs, auditoriums or even high quality home cinema.

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GrandMA3 Series - Lighting Control Platform

GrandMA3 Series - MA Lighting

This system-architecture incorporates new fixture, feature and effects-handling. The system features ground-breaking concepts, presented within a refined user interface, and is designed to make practical tasks more intuitive. The physical design detail of the grandMA3 range is focused on delivering the best possible user experience, now and into the future.

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Solid State Live L100 Console

Provision AVL - Solid State Live L100 Console

The L100 provides a physically smaller premium solution for customers who prioritise outstanding sonic performance in space restricted installations, for sub-mix positions or corporate production. L100 sets itself apart with its compact, 12 + 2 fader configuration frame, while using SSL's fast access layer / bank switching and Super-Q technology to ensure no channel, group, aux, VCA, or master is ever far away from the engineer’s fingers.

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Solid State Logic SiX Console

Provision AVL - Solid State Logic SiX Console

SiX is a condensed professional console for use in the studio, in post-production, on stage, and for podcasting. SiX offers big console sound and an impressive set of utility features in a format that is small enough to stick in a bag a go wherever you need it. SiX is stunning value; it offers two recording channels with SuperAnalogueTM mic pres, two band EQ, an essential one knob version of the classic SSL Channel Compressor, a new two-band Channel EQ, inserts and 100mm faders.

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Effects & Atmospherics

Chauvet DJ Hurricane Bubble Haze Machine

Provision AVL - Chauvet DJ Bubble Haze Machine

Takes party atmospherics to new levels. It’s a haze machine. It’s a bubble machine. It’s both at the same time! This multi-purpose atmospheric machine emits bubbles, haze, or even haze-filled bubbles, and its always-ready technology lets the unit run continuously to keep the party going. Hurricane Bubble Haze features a gravity-fed bubble reservoir that recirculates unused bubble fluid reducing fluid consumption. A built-in cleaning function increases machine longevity and reduces clogs.

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Magic FX Sparxtar

Magic FX Sparxtar

The perfect and safe alternative for real fireworks fountains! The Sparxtar blows special powder which creates cold sparks. No fireworks or license needed.

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IT Workflow Solutions

R2 Rental Operations Management Software

R2 Rental Operations Management Software - Unique Business Systems

A complete proven solution for av equipment rentals, sales, labor, repairs and essential benefits to propel your operations to the next level of efficiency.

• Proactive business intelligence
• Inventory rtacking and availability
• Labour planning
• Service and repair
• Mobile apps

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Rigging & Trussing

BroadWeigh Bluetooth

TECS Event Services - Broadweigh Bluetooth

• Simpler System: Sending (multi-point real-time) data straight to your smart device
• Shorter Range: Transmits up to 90 m (compared to 800 m)
• Fewer Connections: A maximum of 12 load shackles (compared to 100).
• Free to download for iOS / Android devices. Enables easy configuration of multiple dashboards for individual load points or groups of cells, including time-charts.

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EXE Rise Chain Hoists

Area Four Industries - EXE Hoists

Fixed and variable speed EXE Rise chain hoists have been specifically designed to satisfy the demanding needs and requests of the enterntainment and touring market. D8 and D8+ models comply with the German Quality Standard SQP2:2018. Available THREE PHASE (Direct or Low Voltage Control type) SINGLE PHASE version. SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE and EXTRA LARGE FRAME size. Compatibility with EXE DRIVE Motor Controllers and EXE CELL load cells.

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JTE Conical Truss Series

Area Four Industries - JTE Conical Truss Series

Specially developed for the EMEA region by James Thomas Engineering (JTE). Its conical connection system allows for quick, simple and secure assembly. Maximum flexibility of connections is achieved thanks to the many junction components available. Custom lengths and colour powder coat finishes are available on request. JTE Conical truss is a perfect match for exhibition and rental companies.

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JTE Safety Block

Area Four Industries - JTE Safety Block

The new tower safety block for JTE’s Tower TT4 provide higher levels of safety and convenience when holding your roof’s mother grid in place. In fact, it locks the mother grid rock solid to the towers. The innovative features that make this mechanical lock system so unique are its intelligently designed locking tube with safety pin and easily accessible lever mechanism that secure the sleeve block from drop AND lift. Yes, lift! In addition, it completely releases loads from ALL hoist chains used to raise and hold the grid in place! For even more safety and convenience, guy wire attachment points are located on each side of the block.

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Litec L-Wall System

Area Four Industries - Litec L-Wall System

A new system for supporting LED SCREEN WALLS from the ground. This new product allows for maximum flexibility, combined with extreme precision and very fast set up times, to create small to big screens without adding additional loading to the roofing system. The new L-WALL SYSTEM is designed for small/medium/ large LED SCREEN WALLS and provides the possibility to connect the LED WALL element, usually 50x50 cm, at each of its attachment points.

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MILOS Armor Cart

Area Four Industries - MILOS Armor Cart

Safe and Secure Hoist Transport. Introducing the Armor Cart, a new hoist utility vehicle that provides safe and convenient transport and storage for up to four of your hoists. Constructed from light and durable aluminium, the Armor Cart comes in two versions – model MAC-01-4025-A1 holds 4x 250kg hoists and model MAC-01-2100-A1 holds 2x 1t hoists. Due to its compact form factor, and possibility of stacking Armor Carts on top of each other, transport volume is reduced up to 50% compared to flight cases. In addition, its open-air design reduces humidity within the interior and allows your hoists to dry faster, thereby helping to prevent corrosion. 

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Mobiltechlifts ML2 Lift

Area Four Industries - Mobiltechlifts ML2 Lift

Compact Lifting Strength. Discover heavy lifting capacity in a small footprint with our ML2 lift range. Coming in two models, 5520 and 6520, the ML2 range impresses with a loading capacity of up to 200kg (441 lbs) and reaches a maximum height of 6.5 metres (21.5 feet). Its heavy-duty construction and compact footprint of 2.4 x 2.4 metres (8 x 8 feet) make it the best choice for smaller events and loading requirements that are not overly demanding.

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Xstage S10 Stage Deck

Area Four Industries - Xstage S10 Stage Deck

The new S10 deck from Xstage delivers the top performance you require for your small to large live events. Its optimised profile, which reduces weight without sacrificing load capacity, and universal leg fastening system for round and square legs, make it a favourite among live entertainment professionals. Featuring a new indoor/outdoor, slip-proof hexagrip surface, and tough 12 mm birch plywood construction, it delivers long-lasting durability and safety.

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Product Sections at the Show

Prolight + Sound Middl East Lighting Technology

Spotlights and projectors, multifunctional spotlights, lighting effects and mood lighting, lighting controls, ceiling rail systems, specific accessories for lighting technology.

Prolight + Sound Middl East Sound Equipment

Microphones and accessories, amplifiers, mixing desks and effects, recording and reproduction equipment, loudspeakers and headphones, building and room acoustics, specific accessories for sound and PA equipment.

LED Technology Prolight + Sound Middle East

LED Display, projection, 3D mapping, laser projectors, display and advertising projectors, Multivision walls, projections screens, LCD / DLP projectors CRT projectors, digital signage, LCD and plasma displays

Prolight + Sound Middl East Laser Technology and Effects

Laser technology effects.

2018 Featured exhibitors & brands include: Magix FX, Proietta, MDG Fog, LPS Lasyersystems, Showven

Prolight + Sound Middl East Stage Technology

Event floors, stage floors, mobile stages, stage construction and canopies, stages platforms and stage elements, grandstands, revolving stages, stage controls, over stage equipment, under stage equipment, lifts, automation, stage-management systems, dance floors, mobile roofing systems, specific accessories for stage technology.

Prolight + Sound Middl East Truss Systems

Trusses and towers, motors and motor controls, winches, chain hoists, lifting gears, fittings, connectors.

Prolight + Sound Middl East Conference and Communication Technology

Conference technology, communication technology.

Prolight + Sound Middl East Equipment, Infrastructure and Furnishings

Power distribution, flight cases, cables, energy, management, emergency generators, other infrastructure/furnishings, event-service provider.

Who Should Visit?

Prolight + Sound Middle East - System Integrators

System Integrators

From complex turnkey solutions to system upgrades and the latest technologies, as well as many new and returning manufacturers – these are just a few of the many reasons for system integrators and installers to visit Prolight + Sound Middle East.

Prolight + Sound Middle East - Event and Rental companies

Event & Rental Companies

Dubai being the fastest-growing live event market, visitors can expect the most advanced and purpose-designed equipment rental options of the highest standards for concerts, awards, festivals, summits, professional conferences and product launches.

Prolight + Sound Middle East - Venues, Installers and End-users

Venues, Installers & End Users

Lighting, Audio & AV exhibitors that provide permanent solutions for nightclubs, theme parks, mosques, venues, cinemas and shopping malls within the region. 2019 will also see a number of key conference sessions focused on venues and AV installations.

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