Conference Programme

11:35 AM Expo 2020 - The World's Greatest Show

Shaun Vorster - PLSME conference speaker

From 20 October, 2020 to 10 April, 2021, the UAE will welcome 192 nations and millions of visitors to The World’s Greatest Show, a celebration of human brilliance and achievement. Expo 2020 Dubai will take place for 173 days, each one brimming with new experiences. Visitors could spend a day discovering future-shaping technologies, eating a meal cooked by a world-renowned chef, exploring new cultures and watching a famous pop star in concert – all in one place. There will be so much to explore, learn and discover that visitors will return again and again. The largest event ever staged in the Arab world will also highlight the importance of collaboration and innovation, helping to shape a better future for generations to come. With 25 million visits expected, Expo 2020 will be a must-have ticket for travelers worldwide.

Shaun Vorster, Vice President - Programming, Expo 2020

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12:15 PM Panel Discussion - Event Technology Now and Tomorrow

Moderator: Stefan Wieland

- Sujoy Cherian
- Tom Davis
- Luc Peumans
- Anton Montaut
- Mick Stevens

01:15 PM Brief, Design & Construction: The Process of Getting Things Built

Tom Davis - PLSME conference speaker

Before the technology and equipment goes into a building, the fundamentals have been established and set, that place often immovable constraints for the staff and teams working within those spaces. What can be changed, what can’t, and how do we seek to do this in the most logical and transparent fashion possible with clients, architects and designers? With the advancements within the GCC region can a cultural infrastructure be established, and how is the design of future spaces affected by those open or in development currently? Tom delves into this session, answering all these questions and sharing his expertise.

Tom Davis, Director, Theatre Projects, UK

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01:30 PM La Perle: Transformation of Creative Ideas into Technical Reality

Anton Montaut - PLSME conference speaker

La Perle is the dawn of a new era of entertainment in Dubai, a show produced and created by Franco Dragone one of the world’s most revered cultural artistic directors. La Perle is the region’s first permanent show boasting 450 performances per year in a tailor-made state of the art aqua-theatre. La Perle features a cast of 65 world-class artists performing breath-taking aqua and aerial feats with the assistance of 70 specialised technicians in a tailor-made, state of the art, intimate 1,300 seat theatre. With this cutting edge stagecraft and state of the art technology fused together La Perle will be a visually stunning spectacle in, on and above water. Come learn how it all came together backstage. 

Anton Montaut, Assistant Technical Director, La Perle by Dragone, UAE

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01:45 PM The Next Game Changer! Vision 2030: Events. Content. Technology

Sujoy Cherian - PLSME conference speaker

As consumers become even more tech savvy, expectations for engaging, personalized events will rise to new levels. With event technology racing ahead, planners & integrators will be able to give attendees an experience that is more valuable and memorable, suited to their needs, interests, and preferences.  As we move forward, a different league of success in this industry will be established by those who understand our relationship with technology, over those who rely upon it. Engage with Sujoy in his visualization of what’s going to surface in the world of event technology.

Sujoy Cherian, CEO & Technologist, Option 1 Event Services

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03:00 PM Building UFC242: How to Turn a Patch of Sand into a Temporary Arena

Mick Stevens - PLSME conference speaker

Discussing the building & production of The Arena for the Abu Dhabi Showdown week 2019. Mick talks about the construction of the The Arena for UFC 242 & the Red Hot Chilli Peppers concert from the ground up, including fit outs and show production.

Mick Stevens, Project Manager, SM Productions, UAE

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03:20 PM DEFINE – INTEGRATE – VERIFY: 3 Steps to Project Success and Breaking the Downward Price Spiral

Jonathan Tulip - PLSME conference speaker

Are you an AV End User frustrated by system short comings and project surprises or a System Integrator challenged by a lowest bidder poor outcome centred market? In this session we will look at using AV project processes and standards to deliver both project success and defeat the lowest price race to the bottom syndrome caused by weak project specifications and poorly defined client requirements.  This session is for AV End Users, Consultants, System Integrators and others involved in AV projects. You will take away a clear understanding of how to identify project value and differentiate between project offerings to both retain cost control and deliver optimum project value for all parties.

Jonathan Tulip, Audio Visual Specialist, Venav Technology Consultants, UK

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04:00 PM Interview - Women in AV: Is There a Struggle with Perception and How to Overcome it - Are Equal Opportunities Real in the Events & AV Industry?

Moderator: Stefan Wieland

- Solveig Busler
- Laura McGuire


04:30 PM LED Color Mixing with the focus on Light quality and color temperature – Color Rendering Index

Solveig Busler - PLSME conference speaker

This session will cover the below topics:
- Can you measure light quality? - Color Rendering Index
- Color temperature
- Basic knowledge of phosphor LEDs and RGB LEDs – form factors, binning and characteristics
- Tunable white – changing the color temperature with different technologies
- RGB Color Mixing
- RGBW Color mixing and its relation to CRI
- Conclusion – the aspects to consider when choosing LED lighting fixtures for your application.

Solveig Busler, Member of the Executive Board, Schnick-Schnack-Systems GmbH, Germany

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04:50 PM Multichannel Reproduction for Immersive Audio

Emad El-Saghir - PLSME conference speaker

The German loudspeaker manufacturer Holoplot has taken on the challenge of making object-based spatial sound systems commercially and economically viable. The company has introduced a patented modular and scalable wave-field-synthesis-based system in recent years. Their technology enriches the installation and pro audio markets with the advantages of the wave field synthesis object-based spatial/immersive sound without struggling with the prohibitive complexities of comparable systems. This presentation introduces Holoplot’s ground-breaking technology with a focus on how it revolutionizes the world of immersive sound systems.

Emad El-Saghir, Head of Applications, Holoplot GmbH, Germany

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Day 2 | Wednesday, 16th October

11:00 AM - Opening Remarks by Conference Chairman
11:15 AM - Saudi Vision 2030: Instrumental Factors Shaping the Entertainment Industry in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
11:30 AM -  Education in the AV & Event Industry - How Dedicated Education Elevates the Value of AV & Events by Andrew Ward
12:15 PM - Ecodesign Legislation: EU Commission Regulations by Randell Greenlee
12:45 PM - Panel Discussion: Education in the AV & Event Industry: What are the Possibilities of Local Education Now and in the Future?
01:25 PM - The Impact of Live Content by Christophe Draye
01:45 PM - Lighting: Design for Festivals by Tobias 'Toto" Broecking
03:10 PM - Audio Production Practices for New Engineers by Randula De Silva
03:30 PM - REALITES: Technology that Allows Video Content to Become Responsive to Lighting Sources by Luc Peumans
03:50 PM - Using Dante Audio over IP in the recording studio by Kieran Walsh
04:10 PM - Modern Performance Art & Technology in Marketing by Ray Kawalec
04:30 PM - Challenges in Acoustic/Audio Modelling Using AFMG EASE Software by Gerasimos Efthymiatos
05:00 PM - Closing Remarks by Conference Chairman

11:30 AM Education in the AV & Event Industry - How Dedicated Education Elevates the Value of AV & Events

Andrew Ward - PLSME conference speaker

Andrew will discuss the industry from a studio and production perspective, and how higher education can feed into it, addressing the positives and negatives. He will share his own techniques for transferring knowledge and inspiring young engineers and producers. Additionally, this session will cover the possibilities of local education for audio and video, now and in the future.

Andrew Ward, Lecturer, SAE Institute, UAE

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12:15 PM Ecodesign Legislation - EU Commission Regulation

Randell Greenlee - PLSME conference speaker

The new Ecodesign Regulations will take effect on September 1st, 2021 and will be laying down ecodesign requirements for light sources and separate control gears pursuant to Directive 2009/125/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council. This means that after that date, almost no halogen lamps may be brought into the EU Market for sale and that lighting instruments will have to comply with several new specifications. An “Ecodesign Coalition” from our industry (PLASA/VPLT/IALD/OETHG and other associations) was able to negotiate exemptions for our sector with the Commission. The topic provides an overview of the new regulation and its impact on our industry.

Randell Greenlee, Director of Commerce & International Affairs, The German Entertainment Technology Association, Germany

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12:45 PM Panel Discussion - Education in the AV & Event Industry: What are the Possibilities of Local Education Now and in the Future?

Moderator: Stefan Wieland

- Andrew Ward
- Jonathan Tulip


01:25 PM The Impact of Live Content

Christophe Draye, Event Director, FiveCurrents, USA

01:45 PM Lighting: Design for Festivals

Tobias Toto Broecking - PLSME conference speaker

Music festivals are a big melting pot for bands from all over the world. Toto will give you a short overview on how to make band LDs happy and how to build a lighting system that will work for a multi-band environment.

Tobias 'Toto' Broecking, Lighting Designer, Capital Lighting Berlin, Germany

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03:10 PM Audio Production Practices for New Engineers

Randulla Da Silva - PLSME conference speaker

Entering into the world of Audio production can be quite confusing and intimidating for new up and coming engineers, or for someone wanting to produce audio assets for the industry. The talk will highlight areas of good practice that engineers can adopt and what may be desired from a creative output. Agenda points will include setting up for a creative project, what considerations to take into account before producing work, understanding the gear you have at your disposal and more. 

Randula De Silva, Assistant Academic Director, MSc. Media Management, UAE

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Luc Peumans - PLSME conference speaker

During this topic, Luc will talk about a brand new solution called Realites, a home-made combination of existing productional technologies allowing video content to become responsive to real-life lighting sources. It’s something his team and him have developed in-house for the 40-45 Musical Spectacle.  

Luc Peumans, CEO, Painting with Light, Belgium

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03:50 PM Using Dante Audio Over IP in the Recording Studio

Kieran Walsh, Director of Application Engineering (EMEA), Audinate

04:10 PM Modern Performance Art & Technology in Marketing

Ray Kawalec - PLSME conference speaker

Ray Kawalec, Creative Director, TONSPIELZEUG

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04:30 PM Audio System Design and EASE Modelling

Gerasimos Efthymiatos - PLSME conference speaker

The presentation will investigate the use of acoustic modeling for challenging spaces. It will provide a brief on the different methods and different approaches when designing using AFMG EASE software. It will also highlight the limitations of both statistical and ray tracing calculation methods. Further than that, the presentation will clarify some important acoustic parameters (such as RT, SPLdir, SPLtot) and indicate how the designer, using the acoustic model, can predict accurately the result expected during commissioning. 

Gerasimos Efthymiato, Partner, Salt-TS

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Other highlights at the show

Exhibitors at Prolight + Sound Middle East

Exhibitors at the show

This year more exhibitors than any of the previous editions, including over 15 NEW international manufacturers like Clay Paky, Proietta, Stageline and others showcasing solutions in Lighting, Audio, AV, Staging, Rigging and Projection.

PLSME19 Dante workshop

Dante Workshop by Audinate

Reinforce your knowledge of Dante Certifications themes and learn how to capitalise on state-of-the-art technologies in AV schematics, video & lighting Integration, active-acoustics and much, much more.

Harman Professional University - Prolight + Sound ME

Pro Audio Workshops by HARMAN Professional University

HARMAN Professional University is offering training and certifications that professionals would need to plan, design, install, program, and configure leading Pro Audio products and solutions with accuracy and efficiency.


Sample Music Festival (SMF)

Turntablism, finger drumming, beat making, visual DJing and more. Meet product experts from companies such as Ambleton, Stanton and Native Instruments who will pass on their specialist knowledge, lead the discussions, answer questions and exchange ideas and information.

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